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17-19 September, 2014 Kaunas, Lithuania

organized by the International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies (IFPS)


Hosting societies:
- Kaunas Society for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (Lithuania)
- Therapeia Society (Finland)
- Institutt for Psykoterapi (Norway)

Theme: Psychoanalysis, Trauma and Severe Mental Disorders

In present days a rising part of the patients met in clinical practice display problems going deeper than the neurotic level and consequently there has been increasing need for the development of new methods and theoretical conceptualizations to deal with them. The XVIII Forum was aiming at presenting new developments in the psychoanalytic understanding of trauma and severe mental disorders. While highly regarding theoretical discussions and the findings of research, we also wanted to put a special emphasis on and stimulate the clinical exchange between analysts from different parts of the world. Psychoanalysis was born in the consulting room and in its development it has always been contingent on the continuous exchange between theoretical reflection and clinical practice. At the XVIII Forum, we wanted to put the clinic in a central position. In keeping with the best traditions of the IFPS, we aimed to stimulate discussion between different strands of psychoanalytic thought and believe this can best be achieved through an emphasis and focus on the clinical exchange.

We intended to make the Forum to an event where analysts and psyhotherapists from all over the world will meet and exchange views on the subject matter covered by the topic. Our focus was on promoting clinical exchange. Psychoanalysis was born in the consulting room and needs to keep a close contact with it in order to continue its development.

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