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Section of Individual Members (SIM) of the IFPS

Chair: Ian Miller (Ireland) (
Deputy Chair: Michael Ermann (Germany) 


Psychoanalysts fulfilling the standards of the IFPS are welcomed to join the Federation as individual members.

Background and idea

From its foundation, the IFPS - as its name is marking - was a federation of societies. The members were institutions.

Since 2012 it is possible to join the IFPS on the basis of an individual Membership.

We are convinced that belonging to the IFPS is a great benefit for many colleagues, especially for those who are not members of a Full Member Society of the IFPS. They may use the IFPS as a scientific and personal international platform, which provides the possibility to scientific exchange and an international belonging.


Formal Aspects (From § 12.3 of the Statutes of the IFPS)

The following individuals may become members of the Section of Individual Members:

  1. Members of Affiliated IFPS Societies
  2. Members of former IFPS societies which have been dissolved or fused with another psychoanalytic society
  3. Members of societies which have no wish to join the IFPS but have an educational standard fully compatible to the IFPS standard
  4. Psychoanalysts who for the time being do not belong to a psychoanalytic society, but who are educated and approved by a training institute which fulfils the IFPS standards

Each member pays an annual fee of 50 US$ including free Access to online Version of Internatuional Forum of Psychoanalysis, the IFPS supported journal. One part goes to the central administrative objects of the IFPS, the other to the section for administrative expenses.

For the Journal access, please go the buttom "Members Section".

Applicants to the membership in the section are invited to send their application to the chairperson of the section who makes a recommendation about the application to the Secretary General. The SG, together with the EC, will decide upon it.

Please contact us if your are interested in the individual membership mailing to

 For the application form please click here