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XX International Forum of Psychoanalysis
October 18-21, 2018
Firenze, Convitto della Calza :

"The new faces of fear:
The transformations under way in our society and in the psychoanalytic practice."

 What means being afraid nowadays? What do we fear about? And how? How psychoanalysis can manage these new forms?

This conference will explore how we, as analysts, can contribute to an understanding of the role of fear in society today.

The subject can hold many approaches and many aspects. Not only the radical social transformation we are faced with, with all the reverberations of this on each mind, but also the crash of any kind of certainty, from the social to the individual one. And also psychoanalysis is paying a sort of incapacity of staying close to this epochal change. The topic will offer many psychoanalytic considerations because it includes social problems, as immigration, but it puts into a primary evidence the change of our minds, the change of our emotions, of our feelings, the change of our dreams, when time, and the future, are so uncertain paradigms...    

As analysts, we explore the conscious and unconscious sources of fear, in our patients and ourselves. We have been trained to pay careful attention to shifts in fear intensities, as expressed verbally and nonverbally, in thoughts, tones, dreams, moods, behaviors, and other forms. As uncertainties escalate, so does fear, in some circumstances.

What can make us afraid of the unknown "other," rather than curious? What can we learn from our own reactions to the uncertainties we face in our practices, and in other walks of life?


Annamaría Loiaconno
Institute of Analytical Psychotherapy “H.S. Sullivan”
Florence (Italy)