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At present, 2012, 25 psychoanalytic societies in 15 different countries are members of the IFPS. 3 societies are study groups of the IFPS. The member societies and the study group are listed in a special section.

The governing body is the Assembly of Delegates. It consists of two delegates from each member society. It meets regularly every two years. Among the tasks of the Assembly of Delegates are election of the Executive Committee and the Secretary-General; final decision concerning the admission of an applicant to the Federation; resolutions for conducting Forums; assessment of membership fees.

The Executive Committee consists the Secretary-General, the Deputy Secretary-General and of seven further members. The tasks of the Executive Committee are examining membership applications, editing IFPS publications, supervising and coordinating the organization of Forums.

The Secretary -General conducts the current business of the Federation. The head quarter of the IFPS is the place of residence of the Secretary -General in office, currently at Oslo.

The annual dues currently are around 20 USD per member of a component society, but not less than 600 USD per society.